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The Awakened Soul - A Poem

Juliet is a content writer who has a passion for writing poetry, she loves expressing her deepest thoughts through writing.


"The Awakened Soul"

Thoughts are constantly raging on my mind,

I knew that something is changing inside me.

But I couldn't quite explain and figure it out,

I feel like, am not the same person yesterday.

My emotion is like a roller coaster at times,

Often feeling burden and weary, and uncertain.

But I knew that my heart is longing for something,

That is genuinely worthwhile and meaningful.

Deep inside me, I want a fulfilling life that I truly desire.

To give an impact and make a difference in this world.

I know the reality of life is quite scary at times,

Perhaps life is undeniably a mystery to everyone.

But my curiosity leads me to question my existence.

Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose?

What is my calling in life? Am I fulfilling my purpose?

I can't help but asking these questions to myself.

But one thing is for sure there is more to this life.

Life will always teach me important lessons to learn

But those lessons will help to shape and mold me,

To become that person that I've always meant to be.


© 2021 Juliet Acedera