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Awakened by AMR

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The light is faint, the drift is slow,

Happy contentment is surreal

But it’s only a moment then it all goes

The light fades, darkness consumes;

Suddenly bereft, the soul sinks to the floor

Anguish, pain, sorrow, that great fear

Instantly instilled as deep as can be,

Panic sets in and down come the tears,

Lost and confused, empty and dead;

Remains are scarce, skeletally clear

How did I get here? What happened?

“The bottles empty,” the counter speaks,

Working, it’s working. It worked…

But I see nothing, it’s dark, there’s nothing.

“You can’t return,” laugh the dark ones

I want to return. Help me please!

I can’t survive heartache over and over,

Not over and over again for eternity.

Lost, wandering in circles in the dark

Until I see the light and it leads me back safely

Wait! They don’t agree? What?

The dark ones, they want to take me back

They want to keep me in the dark. What?

“She does not belong,” the Angel scolds,

“Let her go, for she must return.” What?

Safe, I’m safe. They, he, she… saved my soul

Undeserving, ashamed, I am rescued

No more doubt, gratitude forever more

No explanation, no reason said

New, refreshed, undead, awakened a new soul

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