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Awaiting the King in His Absence

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


I carry the banner of my King,

But my King does not stand by me.

My brothers and I wing to wing,

But my King does not lead the charge.

Organized under the name of my King,

His orders passed down by another man.

We marched on and so did we sing,

Hymns in His apparent absence.

Gathered in the hall of the King,

For this is what we are told to do.

Gathered when the bells did ring,

But only commoners joined us.

Performing acts on behalf of the King,

For He was never getting His hands dirty.

Perhaps we’d find him in the spring?

But no he was not waiting there either.

Spreading the promises of the King,

For His voice has never been heard.

Onto written words that we shall cling,

We must hang on lest we be punished.

Punished by men who follow the King,

For they felt the words to be righteous.

Natural feelings that give us a zing,

Not allowed to feel them at all.

So where now is our King,

As children die of disease and more?

Ready for Him to relieve the sting,

But never does He arrive.

Give all the credit for your work to the King,

Lest you be punished for self-righteous pride.

I’ll be waiting here with my loaded sling,

In case He should ever decide to arrive.

Power Is Mine

When I look at the world I see power, and when I grasp it that is when I realize where true power lies. It is within my hands, your hands, those that dwell on earth have the power. Kick a stone and it moves, place a bandage on a wound and it heals, offer some kindness and you lift someone's spirits. It doesn't matter who you wish to give that credit to, the credit belongs only to the one performing those actions, the only ones in action are us here and now.

My power to change the world for the better comes from me, and that is a power we all should be utilizing without bias.


Kyler J Falk (author) from California on April 26, 2020:

I shot you an email, Shauna. I appreciate that you care, I really do, you're an awesome person. It's just that when I am told to do things contrary to what I am doing, in the face of what I am doing, it hurts me deeply. I've been looking at the week like it was going great, like my writing was taking off again, and everything was going well.

Then I began to worry, because I'm hypersensitive, that what I am doing is hurting people I care about such as yourself. That perhaps the good feelings I have are at the expense of others. Granted, this piece is at the expense of theism and I could just ignore the shit, but then I'd be ignoring my art and feelings.

I do need to learn to walk away, to see silver linings more often, but my writings start off innocent. What others turn it into is the real lesson for me.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 26, 2020:

Honey, I'm just being protective of you. Please don't take it any other way. You have a very special spot in my heart. I'm sorry if I made you feel as if I don't approve of your methods. Again, I feel the need to protect you. Forgive me if my comment made you feel otherwise.

I'm not only your friend, but I feel as if I'm the mom you don't have. I would give my own son this advice because he's a part of me. And so are you, Kyler.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on April 26, 2020:

The only thing eating me up right now is feeling like my methods are being invalidated! Ha!

My lady is here on HubPages, and regularly encourages me to share because it might help others in my same position, which I agree with, and she has no real time to read so says others others can sit in for her. Many people don't like to hear, see, experience, etc. what is going on in my inner world; they see it as regressive or otherwise hurting. The same thing happens to others, where people come and make them feel bad for what they're doing, and that can be attributed to hypersensitivity much of the time, perhaps on both sides in some cases.

I would like to show hypersensitive individuals that they can be themselves, they can do so publicly, and wave their freak flags in the face of others just as others would willingly wave theirs. It is a great source for exposure therapy, conflict resolution, and even a way to learn a skill.

My healing process is as I make it, and I hope anyone else who does not want to suffer in silence finds the courage to step out of their shell. When they do, I hope I am there to celebrate with them!

This conversation has, admittedly, hurt me a bit; in the sense that my friend does not like my methods and thinks they hurt me.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 26, 2020:

I hope it helps you grow, too, my friend. Just don't let it eat you up. Make choices. That's how you'll heal. Consider writing and sharing with your lady, rather than posting in public.

Your healing process is personal. You know where to find me when you need me.


Shauna aka Bravewarrior

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on April 26, 2020:

This isn't taxing, it is catharsis. My writing is the one place I can explore, without judgement from the world. I open it up to the world in hopes people pay attention, much in the way you give me the attention I desire, but this is just my special form of therapy. Every time I write about religion (usually after someone offers a religious judgement and a "God loves you" more like a spit to the face of my own beliefs than a true sentiment of kindness) I get to create a piece that captures my inner world for me.

My writing is a picture I can look back on, grow from, and frame for hanging on the wall for all to see. It is all a series that I hope will show my growth, as well as help me grow!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 26, 2020:

Then I suggest you do your best to remove yourself from these conversations and people who bring them forth. That's what I do and it works for me. Just a suggestion.....

Why stress yourself any more than you already are? Hasn't it been under the guise of religion that the people who defiled you relied upon to justify their atrocious acts? They're wrong and they are relying on their supposed belief in God to make themselves feel right in their heads. Their souls will pay.

Don't tax yours.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on April 26, 2020:

My questions don't necessarily lead to defiance of a higher deity, in all my writings it is the defiance of man who place their words on a level that they would attribute to a deity. The only deities I see are created by man, and their only existence in the actions of man.

Higher power is not what I defy, nor shall it ever be what I defy. Man, the evils of man, the veils used to cover our eyes from those evils, that is where my defiance lies.

This is more spitting in the face of the book of Revelation, a book I consider evil and grotesque. Something produced by twisted, hateful men hungry for power.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 26, 2020:

Kyler, your closing paragraph says it all. Perhaps you should nurture that rather than questions that lead to defiance of a higher deity. You're on the right path. Follow YOUR heart and soul.

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