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Await My Return: Resurrection.

The Mascot is a passionate writer, an entrepreneur and a deep nature observer

Await my return depicts a scenario where out of every death blow, dealt upon a lone man, by un-foreseen circumstances, fate and destiny, births the emergence of a new strength, trevor, agility and will to survive and make a comeback.


Did you think pushing me off the cliff was gon' be the end of me?

Yes you did your worst,
you pushed me off,
yes I fell, got wounded and bruised too,
but I got something from that fall,
It was how to draw strength from my weakness,
how to struggle in hard times and stand on my own,
you pushed me off when I was yet a cub,
now a wounded lion I've become,
await my return....,

You casted me into the storms, anticipating my end,
yes I fell,
deep into the depth of life threatening waters,
left at the mercy of strong currents and waves,

and sea creatures yet unknown,

but I got something from that fall,

It was how to push for my life braving storms and tides,
It was how to never give up till I reached my goal,
how to never die, till all options of survival is spent,
await my return....,


In the plot of your wicked schemes,
I've died a hundred times,
lost a thousand times,
failed a million times,
won a trillion times,
learnt from all this times,
my hidden strengths and charms,
the much I could do in any phase of time,
await my return,
for at the end of this tunnel I see a new life!


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