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Avoiding the Mistakes of the Fathers #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


It was everyday fight in the house of the man, and the reason for which the man has been

Married to three women at once according to the culture of the island has been defeated. The

News of their fighting are usually taken to his parents who had suggested that he be married

To the three women when he says he wants to have patience to seek for those who will

Understand him. His parents too will tell him that they did not know that those women

Would become thorn in his flesh as it has happened to him, but he will keep enduring. In

This position the wives also put to bed, and as fate will have it the woman he loved, gave

Birth to male while the other two gave birth to females as their first children, those who gave

Birth to females became embittered towards the woman who gave birth to male child saying,

She has used local medicine to manipulate the sperm of their husband against them, and

That they will not become enemies to the son the woman has given birth to and would be

Fighting him during the day and at the night. This woman reported the case to their husband

And her husband comforted him, telling her that they are bluffing and that by the time

They also gave birth to male children they will stop threatening her and her son. The woman

Was comforted and remained calm. And when the women would take in again they gave

Birth to male children, but instead of them to change their disposition to the woman and

Her son, they did not, they became the more hostile to her, and had devise plans to kill the

Son if not for the timely arrival of one of the servants that saved the son. The servant told

The woman who took his son away from the island until he comes of age. It was in

Other island where he left for that his husband goes to fortnightly to play with her and

His son. There the woman also puts to bed five more children, two males and three females.

The young man was hardworking, as his father has appointed for him people who will

Be training him on the art of farming, and he has known it exceptionally. Through this

Means he has been able to feed his mother and siblings. His farmland has been the biggest

In the island which they lived in, and the news of his success has been gone to nooks

And crannies of the islands nigh by, because in approximately 300 miles radius from where

He and his mother has settled down at, his farmland has been the largest and he is the

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Wealthiest man. Outside having great farmland, he is also blessed in animals because he

Has many cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens. Then according to the culture of the island, his

Father has gone to him that he needs to get marry so that his blessings will grow the more,

He told his father that he will give it a thought. As he has told his father that he will think

About what he said, his father added that, he should remember that, the numbers of ladies a

Man of his status is expected to marry is three women at once, and he can go ahead and

Increase the number with time. Then he has replied his father that, he will never make the

Mistake that he and his fore parents have been making, for even if he will marry, he will

Never marry two wives let alone marry three wives. Since the time he has been working, he

Has never felt the impact of any lady and he does not subscribe to the school of thoughts

Of the ancient people of the island that marrying more than one woman would bring him

More wealth, for it has not bring you, who are my father more wealth, what marrying more

Than one woman has brought you is pains, afflictions, troubles upon troubles, and most

Especially marrying more than one wife has denied me and my siblings access to you, we do

Not enjoy your Fatherly role because of the war that my step mothers are waging against me.

So, how will I see a burning fire and plunge myself into it? A person who fails to learn

From his predecessors would never learn in life. Father, he says, if I will get married at all,

I will never marry more than a woman, and for your information Papa, the Woman I shall be

Married to, will be the woman, I really loved, and whom I know love me, I will not allow

What happened to you and mama to happen to me, I will not allow anyone to take a woman

For me to be married to, I will look before I leap, for I have known from my handiwork, and

From the little years I have spent on earth that it is The blessing of the LORD, (that)

Maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it becoming rich in the world has no

Attachments to any of the things you the ancient people attach to it. He said on a note of

Finality to his father. His father could not utter a word as he said, he cannot force him to

Do what is not in his mind to do, for that was his greatest error in life, and assuming he has

Followed his mind, his life would have been at peace.

Note: Quotation

Proverbs 10:22


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