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Avoiding the Mistakes of the Fathers #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


During the ancient times when farm and hunting were the major works in the island, the

Commonest thing, is that a man that has come of age, will work hard so that he gets married

To three or more women at once in the island. A man who takes up a wife or two women at

Once in marriage is considered weak and a lazy man within the island. They do get

Married to more women because of the expanse work on their farmland, which the women

Are expected to be assisting their hubbies with before they give birth to children. They are

Also expected to help their hubbies in expanding their fortunes by selling some of the farm

Products in the market places. Except in some rare cases, it has been noticed that the fortune

Of those who marry many wives usually exceed those who do not marry many wives. And

Since nature itself wants progress for individuals, and individuals minds call for increase

In wealth, men within the island have always been craving for more wives so as to overtake

Their peers. This has been the cyclic event in the island. His fore father also have been

Married to three women at once because he was one of the promising youths during his

Days, however, some years after he married those women, he developed sickness and he

Could not do the farm work as he was doing before. Unlike now that there are orthodox

Medical houses all around, then there was nothing like that, and the traditional medicines

Around, could not Diagnose what the health condition of the man was. He was in this

Position when his wives took in, for his wives had a little delay before they could take in.

After taken in, their first Born were male babies. The man and his wives were happy for

This, for they believed that, their children would be able to take up the works of their father

On the farmland after a while. As the man’s rate of working on the farmland has reduced, his

Fortune also reduced, yet he keeps procreating, to be able to maintain his family, some

People have migrated into the island, and are being used as laborers on different people’s

Farmlands, he has also contacted some of them and had entered agreement with them to work

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On his farmland on a yearly basis. Soon, the children grew up and they get them

Established, the first son, too has large expanse of land, and according to the culture he ought

To take three women at once, to be helping him, but he only love one among the ladies

Around, and when his parents asked him, he asks them to be patient a while for him that

He is still searching for other “twos”. His mother is not a native of the island, because he says

He is still seeking for others, his mother went to her island to get for him two other ladies.

His mother painted those ladies as good ladies, diligent, obedient, hardworking, respectful

And that his son would enjoy them to the fullest, because all the ladies from her island are

Usually wonderful ladies, she started pointing to different women who have been natives

Of her island to her son, that has he at any point in time heard the husbands of those

Women complaining about them nor fighting with them? He replied that he has not heard

Of such and she says that it is because the ladies from her island have good upbringing. His

Father would also support her mother’s view of the ladies from his mother’s island, that

It was because of that that he had gone there to marry her mother, that he will enjoy those

Women if he can marry them. He agreed and consented to marry the three of them including

The native of the island he has seen and loved. The three ladies were married to him on a

Day as it used to happen. The relationship has been smooth for about three months, but the

Story changed, few months after, because unhealthy rivalry started among the three ladies.