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Avoiding the Mistakes of The Mother #2

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The juices they were making from the fruits were being exported to other islands. He was

Making more money from the new founded company on the hectares of land, but he was still

Not mindful of other siblings, yet when other siblings talked to their mother about him, she

Will rise in stout defense of him, saying it is because of him that the family’s name, the

Family’s hectares of land has been placed on the map of the world, for the inhabitants of the

World now know that there is a company situated on the land. they will raise objections to

Her saying, telling her that of what importance is that to them, when he has converted

Their commonwealth to his own personal thing. Yet the mother would not see it that way.

When they noticed that their mother is supportive of everything he has been doing then those

Children also came together to be attacking the people working on the farmland,

Destroying their engines, attacking many of the people there. And when those he has entered

Partnerships with discovered that their lives are in danger, they told him that they wanted to

Relocate from the farm to another place. After they have relocated from the place, he got

People to be working for him there, because most of the machines there were purchased by

Him. After he has employed those people, his siblings also attacked those people. When

Those people also notice that their lives were at risk, they left the farmland and the

Company and would not return there again. some people had advised that the man’s siblings

Take him to court, but they said, taking him to court would not bring anything to them for he

Has money and he can buy the jurists over, and what is glaring they will upturned the

Justice in his favor. Apart from this, his sibling has also stated that, the court system in the

Island is a slow motioned one, and he will get a pass and would continue to produce while

They continue to suffer, but since they are attacking him, he will also be fleeing for his

Dear life alongside those working with him and the work on the hectares of land would stop.

He tried notifying the law enforcement agencies so that he will continue to produce on the

Alicia Keys - Superwoman

Hectares of land, but those people too were sent street urchins to and the destruction on

The hectares of land was terrible. It was at this point that he decides to leave the land, selling

Off all the machines he has brought to the land. after he has pulled off the land, then the

Siblings too started selling those fruits making money from thereby to maintain

Themselves. Out of the seven children that this woman gave birth to, one of them is a lady,

And she has been following the development of things since her childhood stage, and has

Been telling herself, that she will not want her life to be like her mother’s she will not

Want to favor a child while ignoring others like her mother has done. This lady got married

And gave birth to four children, it is only one of her children that is a male child while others

Are females. Her husband loves and was showing his love for the male child above other

Children, but she has to caution her love that he does not have to do that, because that was the

Mistake her mother made which puts the family in disarray. She states further that the

Problem her mother has put the family, still subsists in the family till now, because other

Children believe the one favored by their mother has cheated them and whenever any peace

Meeting is being called for, it always end in deadlock. Something like this, I do not want in

My family, she told her husband, imploring him that they need to be treating their

Children the same way, lest they made them enemies among themselves. The husband

Reasons with her and changed.


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