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Avoiding the Mistakes of The Mother #1

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She lived with her late husband for 20 years, during which time they were able to achieve

Many things together, they bought hectares of land on which different kinds of fruits bearing

Trees are planted. They had it in mind that when the trees grow up and started bearing fruits

They will be selling those fruits, and it would serve as additional source of income for the

Family by the time which they believed their children would have grown up. Those trees

Have not been producing fruits when her husband dies, and then those children were yet

Young. After the demise of her love, she continued to raise the children and look after the

Land on which those trees have been planted. When they started bearing fruits, she started

Selling those fruits, adding the money to take care of the children. The second child was

Blessed by God, and he started supporting the family with all he has. Through his

Assistance the fifth child was able to establish his business, which he keeps growing. While

The fifth child was growing his business, the second child who has been pride of the family

Started experiencing economic hardship, and it was not very long afterwards that his

Economy collapsed and he was no longer financially buoyant again. When this happened,

Other members of the family started going to the fifth child to ask for assistance, but

Whenever they get to him he will turn them down, looking the other way. People were

Thinking he will also be assisting his brother who has carried him on his shoulder till he rises

Up, but he never gives his brother a special consideration, he was treating him as he treats

Other siblings. people started wandering how he could behave like that, but he never minds

What people are saying, he looks at his things alone, minds his things and was not bothered

About the plight of the family yea, other siblings. because of this, the family members who

Have been living above average before, could no longer raise their shoulder high among

Their peers again, because the person who has been blessed among them, whom they thought

God has raised up to fill the gap that the erstwhile blessed sibling has left turned them down,


And was not looking at their side. In the stead of this child to be supportive to the family

Members who have always been there for him and others, during thick and thin, he started

Taking care of outsiders and was fulfilling the desires of the outsiders. The outsiders started

Hailing him, while the plight of his family members continues to grow from bad to worse.

As if God was fighting with the family, the family’s fruit producing trees, which have been

Serving as alternative sources of income were affected by some diseases, because of this, the

Demand for their fruits dropped, and the additional sources of income for the family was

Affected. They could barely feed themselves again and things became terrible for the family.

While this is happening and her children talk to her about her son who has been blessed of

God that she should talk to him on behalf of the children that he should be helping them

Like their brother has done and he was able to make it through him, their mother would not

Reason along with them and she will say that they should give him more time, she always

Defends him whenever they raise his case with her. Then this rich man among the family

Contacts their mother that he has discussed with some people about the fruits producing trees

Of the family and they have told him what he needs to do about the trees to kill those pests

That have ravaged and destroyed the fruits making them less productive. His mother was

Glad and gave him the go ahead to do whatever he likes on the trees since they all own it.

The young man after bringing those people to the hectares of land and applying insecticides

And pesticides to kill those pests and other diseases affecting the trees entered partnership

With some groups of people buying some machines which were brought into the place, and

They employed some people and they started harvesting the fruits, making juices from the fruits.


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