Avengers: Infinity Rhymes

Updated on September 12, 2018

They are spread across the world.

Avengers are allies across the world.

Thor face the powerful thanos.

Lokey pleas to let him go.

But thanos doesn’t let go.

He later begins searching.

For the stones that were lurking.

To fulfill a promise that he failed first.

The Avengers must stand their worst.

Their worst battle this time.

He was destined to get his prize.

Meanwhile, Banner goes to earth.

To warn them of a coming curse.

Meeting the great Doctor Strange.

While ironman lives his life of fame.

Enjoying time with his bride.

He’s asked to come for the ride.

To help stop who is coming.

He goes, and they find a strategy.

Meanwhile, thanos arrives.

No one’s thrilled he’s arrived.

They attempt to hold them off.

With no help from the mighty hulk.

Dr. Strange is abducted.

Thor is helped by guardians.

He talks and gets to know them.

Then finds that they too are after him.

One of the guardians.

Knows thanos a lot better than.

Better than all of the others.

That guardian is his daughter.

She knows that it’s important.

To stop thanos corruption.

Meanwhile, Wanda and Red Skull.

Are a couple that seems to be in Love.

Their love for each other is tested.

When they see thanos’s destruction.

Red skull offers to leave.

He has a stone that thanos needs.

So, two of his henchmen.

Force him, Wanda and the captain.

The great Captain America.

He came to defend America.

He, and the Avengers soldiers.

Defeated the two but it wasn’t over.

Kimora, the daughter.

Sits down and remembers.

Remembers what thanos taught her.

When she was young he gave her.

He gave her a sharp object.

She knows that she is the purpose.

Tells her friend to kill if he must.

She knows what thanos is after.

They hunt down thanos.

Kimora attempts to kill thanos.

Suddenly, she cries.

Thinking that thanos has died.

Indeed, thanos lives.

Kimora reminds her friend to kill.

To kill her like he promised.

Instead, kimora is taken.

The Avengers crew.

Looks to stand for truth.

The reunite with a strategy.

Hoping to end the tragedy.

The captain heads for more help.

Goes to Wakanda to get the help.

From the friend black panther.

Who is proud to offer.

White wolf. An old winter soldier.

Who battled the first Avenger.

Now the tables have turned.

He’s seems to have learned.

Learned to use his powers for good.

The stance was very understood.

Someplace in the universe.

Ironman understands strange’s worth.

He saves him from his suffering.

Putting the stone in hiding.

Thanos and kimora remember.

He threatens to kill her sister.

She decides to take on the offer.

She reveals the stone that he’s after.

Meanwhile, thor wants revenge.

He wants to avenge his fallen friends.

Feeling he could take thanos on.

He finds who helped thanos put on.

Put on a famous gauntlet.

That can hold the stones thanos wanted.

He created it. His friends were killed too.

By thanos reign of untruth.

The guardians of the galaxy.

Meet Ironman. They find it hard to see.

To see that their on the same mission.

They set aside their differences.

To find and rescue Kimora.

Thanos and his daughter.

Meet and learn of an old treasure.

The soul stone. It was never captured.

Because it requires a sacrificed.

The soul stone needs another life.

Another life for the soul stone.

He sacrificed Kimora’s soul.

Now he sees the bigger picture.

Not making the mistake he made earlier.

On his way to Wakanda.

To get the final stone.

But the king defends his home.

Standing with the Avengers.

With wakandian soldiers.

They stand firm and fight.

They make a huge sacrifice.

At first, it looks to be in vain.

There is too much agony and pain.

But thor makes a grand entrance.

He’s a help to the wakandians.

Thanos gets a stone from strange.

Then he goes on his way.

On his way to Wakanda.

Retrieving the what he’s after.

But it doesn’t come easy.

He battles the mighty.

The avengers and more.

Then stands face to face with thor.

Before, the final stone’s in the gauntlet.

He fulfilled his what he has envisioned.

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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