Avengers Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017

The Avengers

Avenge the earth

LOKI the Asgardian goes to an unknown race.
With its leader, he stands face to face,
Asking the leader to give him an army.
In exchange for Loki retrieving.
For Loki retrieving the Tesseract.
An energy source with unknown artifacts.
Meanwhile, NICK FURY of s.h.i.e.l.d.
arrive at a facility with agent hill.
They arrive while people are evacuating.
because the Tesseract is radiating.
It opens a wormhole as it activates.
Loki comes in and he takes.
He takes the Tesseract and creates an army.
To aid while he was leaving.
Even in the destruction Fury escapes.
He sends ROMANOFF to an estranged place.
To recruit BRUCE BANNER so he can trace.
So he can trace the Tesseract.
Fury gets STEVE ROGERS to bring it back.
Agent Coulson tracks down TONY STARKS.
They then arrest Loki in Stuttgart.
After apprehending him, they escort him to shield.
While THOR is pursuing them to steal.
To steal Loki and take him home.
Instead, he agrees to put him back on.
He put him back in their custody.
He realized that shield was where he needed to be.
The Avengers became divided.
Because of two different reasons.
They don't know how to approach Loki.
The revelation that S.H.I.E.L.D plans on harnessing.
Plans to Harness the Tesseract to create.
Weapons to battle. Extraterrestrial fate.
While they argue, Loki's possessed, agents.
Disable, one of the carrier's engines.
Causing Banner to turn into mean green.
While Stark and Rogers work on restarting.
Restoring the damaged engine.
They first had to repair it.
Thor attempts to stop hulk just like he's told.
Romanoff frees BARTON from Loki's mind control.
Loki kills Coulson and escapes.
in an attempt to finish his fate.
He ejects thor from the ship. Hulk falls to the ground.
Loki is looking to take S, H.E.L.D down.
But the Avengers realize.
That they will stop Loki only if they combine.
So stark and Rogers remind Loki.
That he needs to defeat them publicly.
To validate himself as ruler of earth.
but the Avengers makes sure that doesn't work.

Robert Downey Jr
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Chris Hemsworth
Mark Ruffalo
Bruce Banner/ Hulk
Chris Evans
Rogers/Captain America
Scarlett Joe Hanson
Romanoff/Black Widow
Jeremy Renner
Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Samuel Jackson
Nick Fury
Tom Hiddleston

The Avengers: Age of Ultron


In Eastern Europe in Sokavia.
A hydra Facility's raided by Avengers.
The facility is commanded by VON STRUCKER.
He's experimented on humans using the scepter.
They encounter superhuman twins.
PIETRO AND WANDA while they apprehend.
Von Strucker is in their custody.
Stark retrieves the scepter wielded by Loki.
Stark and Banner discover an artificial intelligance.
In the scepters gem and they use it.
To complete a program of global defense.
That global defense turns on them all.
ULTRON guarantees he will not fall.
Stark escapes with the scepter.
Ultron uses resources in Strucker's.
He then recruits the twins.
Telling them that Stark killed their parents.
Then goes to obtain wakadan vibranium.
The Avengers were ready for him.
They attack him and the twins with him.
But Wanda subdues them with haunting visions.
Which forces Starks to make a decision.
because Hulk was causing destruction.
but Starks knew the reason was hallucinations.
Thor and Rogers suffered as well.
But against starks, her attempts failed.
Romanoff and Banner plan to flee together.
Mutually attracted to one another.
Nick Fury arrives and reminds the team.
To stop Ultron by any means.
While Ultron forces a friend of their team
To use her technology to perfect a new body.
Unknowingly, Wanda reads his minds.
Discovering his intent for humans to die.
As a result, the twins attempt to try.
Try to turn away. They do succeed.
They join the Avengers while they retrieve.
They retrieve the synthetic body.
but they cannot stop Ultron capturing.
Capturing agent Romanoff.
They go to Sokavia to finish off.
His plan to kill all humanity.
But the Avengers end up destroying.

Robert Downey Jr
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Chris Hemsworth
Mark Ruffalo
Chris Evans
Rogers/Captain America
Scarlett Joe Hanson
Romanoff/Black Widow
Jeremy Renner
James Spader
Samuel Jackson
Nick Fury
Aaron Johnson
Elizaeth Olsen

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