Updated on November 17, 2017


Humans have depleted Earth's natural sources.
Fueling a severe energy crisis.
The Development administration.
Looked for a mineral that may give creation.
May give creation their sources again.
So they get JAKE SULLY to be apart of their plan.
But Sulley was not a scientist.
His brother was more of the scientist.
But he was eager to learn it.
Before making the final decision.
Jake had no legs to travel.
So he uses a wheelchair to travel.
Joins a team while in a wheelchair.
He volunteers to be alongside GRACE.
To go to poisonous place.
Grace at first complains.
That Jake will not make a change.
They start the procedure
Locking themselves in a chamber.
Transferring Jake to another body.
A large, blue-skinned body.
He experiences the scenery.
To him, it's not very challenging.
He adapts to it in seconds.
Then awakes to MILES QUARITCH.
Quaritch is the head of the security force.
He promises Jake that they will restore.
Will restore his legs.
If he gathers information from their land.
So he. Grace and Norm.
Go back into blue form.
& Travel back to Pandora.
Then meet some unknown creatures.
Grace and Norm hide.
Jake does what he must just to survive.
Meanwhile, his friends are searching.
But finds that is really not working.
They eventually have to end it.
Hoping he will survive until morning.
Through the night he's fighting creatures.
But NEYTIRI helps him kill the creatures.
She then shows him a sacred sight.
That looks beautiful day and night.
They then encounter.
An Avatar soldier.
Neytiri makes him go away.
Then goes to her secret place.
The secret place is their tribe.
Na'vi teaches him ways of the tribe.
Jake finds out in his homeland.
That PARKER SELFRIDGE has a plan.
A plan to destroy their sacred tree.
While Jake sits there in disbelief.
Back on Pandora explores.
See what these creatures live for.
While Grace interacts with the kids.
Jake and Navi are getting romantic.
Jake adapts to the Pandora Lifestyle.
Sympathizing with their lifestyle.
Feeling guilty because he knows the plan.
Him getting closer is part of the plan.
Showing proof that he's trying to stop the show.
Selfridge then orders the tree be destroyed.
Selfridge gives an hour to Grace and Jake.
To get the tribe to evacuate.
Jake then is forced to confess.
Confess to making the set.
The set to destroy the Hometree.
Quaritch's men destroy Hometree.
The Na'vi really trusted Jake.
They tried hard to save grace.
Despite their attempt, she dies.
While Jake continues to try.
Tries to save their land.
He teams up with the clan.
To defeat Quaritch.
Neytiri kills Quaritch.

Sam Worthington
Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana
Stephen Lang

James Cameron


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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