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Here is a short poem that I wrote recently about one of my favourite seasons, I hope that you enjoy it.


Autumn is my favourite season,

The leaves are changing and beginning to fall

I love the bronze, brown, golden colours

Collecting conkers, a free for all!

The weather is getting colder now.

Gloves and scarves are what we need.

I see the animals skip and scurry,

As they gather their Winter fayre to feed.

Collecting nuts and seeds aplenty

To ensure a cosy Winter store.

They are preparing now for hibernation

I wish a peaceful sleep to you all.

We'll see you in the Spring refreshed and alive!


Kathy Henderson from Pa on October 11, 2017:


Autumn is my favorite season. I look forward to the crisp cool, it has been a little warm her in PA, but I look forward to my fall clothes. I put my summer stuff away yesterday, bring on the cool nights. Happy Fall!

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