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Autumn's Blythe Spirit Has Come


Autumn's colors, a beautiful testament to nature's bounty,

Spread so lavishly across the pages of all recorded time.

Its well of splendid tones, as if is showered by a fountain,

Marvelous brightness, its sparkling leaves, are so sublime.

Brought on by the zephyr wind, Turns leaves green to gold,

This precious time of every year adorning limbs, all so bold.

A pause between Summer's heat, the Winter's cold, a treat.

Meeting the eye with cheery salutes, Summer now complete.


A coolness soon takes hold, preparing then for Winter's blast,

Each moment so heralded as rare, in our wishes if only to last.

Every day this wonder of nature's grace is so loved, revered,

The fleeting seconds we embrace, its time to us, so endeared.

Our most special Autumn, if only you could forever to remain,

A beauty by only the grandest artist of all, of you, ours to gain.

This a season, with reds and yellows a changing of the guards,

Mother Nature reveals her deck of vibrancy, displays her cards.


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