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Authors Are Producers

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Sometimes people look down

On authors and writers

Because they think what

Are they doing?

Anyone who has neither

Written about 10 pages

Nor typed 10 pages on

A Microsoft word cannot but belittle writers

They do look down on

Them because the world system

Hardly appreciates the works

Of writers yea authors

They belittle them because

They are not rich

All eyes are on the

Rich people in the society

Those who underrate them

Are those who hardly

Read for they hardly

Task their brains

Authors exercises their brains

Put their brains to vigorous

Works running billionth

Of miles within minutes

After the vigorous exercise

They would arrange the

Works in order at times

Employ services of consultants

After proof reading and

Arrangements, they would involve

Typists then printers and

Publishers would be called upon

In printing work there

Are different disciplines all

Those disciplines would be

Involved in publishing a book

After the book has been

Printed, the unskilled labors

Would be involved for

They are those who

Would arrange the pages of

The books and at times

Bind the book together

As they remove error pages

From this it moves to

Another phase which is

The phase of putting

Them in boxes, packaging phase.

The store manager would

Know the quantity produced

While the “costing” department

Would work on the cost

Cost of production and cost

At which it would be

Sold would be worked

Upon by them

The turn of marketing department

Is to seek for market for

The published book and

In doing this

They would involve advertorial

Team to place the

Adverts of the product out

Through different social media

While the marketing starts

To send the goods to

Those who place order

And or directly at offices

Accountants or cashiers too

Would be involved in

Cashing money and or

Taken them to banks

To be deposited. From

This the publishers drew

Their gains, pay salaries

And other things.

The libraries would also

Be involved in this,

As they have gotten

The international number for the book

Authors would also receive

Some token according to the

Agreement reached. All

Those who have partook

In the publishing of the

New book would be

Paid before the book

Is eventually published

Though internet has eliminated

Some phases but if

Hard copies of books

Would be possessed

All those phases cannot

Be eliminated neither ignored

Since this is true, looking

At other disciplines involved

One cannot but state

In unmistaken terms that

Authors are indeed producers for

They put food on many people’s tables

They bring about changes

Into the world through their

Insightful and innovative writings

They deserve good things

Authors yea writers deserve

To be named among

Producers in the world

As stiffer punishments

Be meted out to plagiarists.


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