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August 24th

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


I’m on the twelfth floor of my dorm; I’m way too high.

I’m on the twelfth hit of my cart; I’m way too high.

Natalie said, if I relapse, purity will forever be beyond my reach.

Marlene said it’s maladaptive coping.

Bridget said I don’t need it to write, I’m great sober.

I say…thirteen.


Speaking of my dorm, there’s so many beautiful people at this college.

I’m like a slug in a sea of butterflies.

I did link eyes with one magnificent butterfly.

The moment lasted for an eternity.

Hello, my love, my eyes spoke, will you be mine forever and fly me off to the dying sun?

But he just turned away and returned to his phone.


I went on the bus and no one was happy.

The students weren’t happy because classes started the next day.

The bus driver wasn’t happy because this was his 38th loop around the same circle.

I wasn’t happy because…well, I didn’t know.

I never know anymore.

My mom says I fell in love with sorrow as if it was one of the butterflies.

I tell her she’s wrong.

I know she’s right.


I wrote a story about a king and queen.

The king tells the queen that he loves her, and the queen accepts the love.

The king tells the queen that he loves her, and the queen rejects the love.

Which one is real? The second one of course. The queen doesn’t love the king.

She knows that she was just an object used to prevent war, nothing more.

Why would she love him?

But, the king truly does love the queen.

I’m the king.

I’m always the king.


You know I wrote this for you, right?

Yes, you.

I wrote this for those who partake in maladaptive coping strategies.

I wrote this for the slugs who are actually caterpillars, they just don’t know it yet.

I wrote this for the sad people.

I wrote this for the kings and the queens.

I wrote this for people like me.

Don’t be scared, no one will know that it’s you.

It’ll be our little secret.

So, pose for the camera and let me take your picture.

I’m going to make you beautiful.

I’m going to make you live forever.

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