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Audio XD

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Yenaros' mix of lyricism, detail, and style is a dangerous poetic force to be reckoned with.

Poetry by Yenaros

Poetry by Yenaros

Audio XD

I never was the best speaker.

I always write my words down.

People have the best speakers.

They can’t hear a sound.

I could tell people that a tsunami is coming.

They wouldn’t believe me until it hit the shore.

Suddenly, waves are breaking the sound barriers.

And those people are trying to break down the door

To escape.

I never tried to settle the score

With the people who couldn’t hear.

All I said was that they had already been

Made aware of the truth because

I said it before

Their very eyes.

Turn down the music

And turn up the truth.

Turn down for what?!

He’s got a gun.

He’s gonna shoot.

The audio settings are low

Enough for a few

To hear the message and understand it.

Now, what are they gonna do?

© 2019 Yenaros