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Attack of the Pre-Holiday Jitters of Some Unknown Element

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Woke up this morning with a sheer lack of enthusiasm

Not motivated enough to slap on a fake smile

Dance a ridiculous mime movement

To appease the powers that be into acceptance

That there will be no problems on this front

Trying to bow the head and nod periodically

Fed up with the same old sentiment of stuff

Tired of being a devoted worker bee

Nothing to show for it, except minor pat on back

Kindness getting little but end of finish line

Surprisingly cynical after started week off

With shockingly high levels of optimism

Now, suddenly at the opposing end of the spectrum

Trapped in a whirlpool of boredom and sadness

Don't understand where this has come from

Seemed to have fallen from the heavens

Just in the nick of time to hang out with family

Riding the seesaw of burying head in sand

And sticking it out for temporary sunlight

Unfortunately, there currently is none to have

Temporarily gave up idea of bright natural lighting

Decided to stay buried for time being to cope

Hunkered down in a mole hole of meaningless malaise

Unsure if it was a case of developing the holiday blues

Or something more deeper and long term

Likely it's the former option since Thanksgiving is near

Recently single after a semi-painful break-up

With a boyfriend not really worth time and effort

They turned out to be too disrespectful and childish

To continue to have a dead end future with

Ready to wear loose fitting dress pants

Stuffing face with enough turkey to feed an army

Passing out in the middle of holiday football game

Not my cup of Earl Grey tea anyways

Eager to return to favorite streaming service

Sitting in sweat pants and binging on favorite shows

No thoughts, feelings or platitudes required

Not thrilled with prospect of drowning sorrows in work

Especially on Black Friday with multitude of deals

Oh well, it is what it is

Some meant to work, while others have luxury to shop

Until they fall to the floor as if they were a crumpled piece of paper

Everyone needed a way to cope; and theirs was to spend endlessly

Eager for next holiday to arrive; need a break from it

Hasn't even arrived yet and allowed for current one to pass

Talk about impatient; more of a vice than a virtue

Passing around the turkey and not worrying about the rest.

Trying to enjoy the holidays with my favorite bird.

Trying to enjoy the holidays with my favorite bird.

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