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Attack of the Photocopy Machine

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Photocopy Machine Attacking

Photocopy Machine Attacking

Photocopy Machine Wars

Oh darn, my copy came out blank

Hey, where is the I.T. guy, where is Frank?

Let’s see, what the heck is happening here in this big old fridge

It says replace black ink cartridge

I will follow these instructions exactly as it says

It is too early in the morning to have bitter copier days

It says pull out side left door and remove old ink

Then slide the new one in.

Well, that should be easy, Ok Clive, use your brain think

Is it my left or the machines?

This thing is quite hard it seems

I don’t see a door to the left or right

I don’t even see any windows insight

Why would a copy machine need a door anyway?

It is not like people will be going in or out on their way

“Hey Sarah, can you help me out here?”

“Sure clive, what’s up with you and that copier?”

“Ok, grab that chair.”

“You see, I have been trying to copy this one sheet from 8:00 Am and now its nine thirty

“I think this copier is simply dislikes and trying to attack me”

“It says replace black by pulling out the left door”

“But listen…psssst, the machine is wacko, only houses have doors.”

“No Clive, listen, the copier does have doors, see just pull this lever.”

“Oh my aren’t we clever

‘I don’t need your help anymore Miss Know It All.”

“I will manage on my own after all.”

You and this copier think I am nuts

But I tell you this copier is out to get me and I feel it in my guts

Ok, now that the new ink is in, let’s see if it does what it was made to do

It says place paper on glass and press start.

What is this now, tray two out of paper?

Why would a copy machine need a tray anyway?

Isn’t that what waiters use every day?

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