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Athena Aesabelle

My Angel with trisomy 13 now in heaven


Athena Aesabelle

God gave us you our dear daughter to make us stronger

From the moment you were born we were crying, running and praying

That He will let us take care of you

Coz’ we will never leave but always love you.

But day by day you get sicker

Due to trisomy 13 we never imagine ever

You are so strong and always fighting

My little warrior you showed me everything

You teach me how to make things done

And gave to strength to stand

You made me cry at home, in the streets,

Churches, canteens, malls and everywhere I am.

More than ten times you alarmed us

Running for your blood, your medicines and your labs

In the morning, at night till’ dawn

God gave us strength to carry on.

I salute you Aesabelle for your bravery

You never gave up from all the needles and tests

You are the strongest baby I ever met

And will forever remind me to get up and be the strongest in times of rough.

I’ve been to Congress, PCSO and PCMC

Believing that you’ll get better and free

From all the sickness that make you suffer

Hoping that God will make you better.

Daddy can’t go to work regularly

For his mind was so empty

Thinking of you makes him floating

All he wants is you recovering.

Kuya Aeron always asks

How is our little Athena doing so hard

Ate Sophia always say

To take you home and you both will play.

We want you home our dear baby

Will cuddle, play, watch, laugh, eat, listen to music, go to parks and party

But now you are still weak and fighting

The obstacle we never expected to come in our family.

You always rushed mama and papa

Crying in the car from probinsiya

You alarmed lolo and lola

From afar praying they do for Athena

Tita Chyryl, Tito Mac, Tito Cris and Tito Jr

Thinking of the possible help they could give.

The support our family we received

Anty Mercy, Anty Gina, Ate Kristy

Uncle Danny, Uncle Julius and Uncle Henry

We appreciate them all who never hesitate to help

From God above and the family we have

Will get through this and be ok my love.

Everyday your doctors and nurses are clinging

Telling us to get ready since day one you were here

But love you strong I felt my love

My dear Angel you are so tough

Only God knows what will happen

His will will prevail whatever man say.

I love you my baby with all my heart

I thank God above for giving you to us

I just pray that He’ll keep me sane

And carry this challenge I need to face.

I cannot explain how am feeling right now

I can’t find the reason to understand somehow

i just want to hold and kiss you tight

Coz’ I don’t know till’ when you’ll be in my arms.

I did everything I think I can

For you to be with me and be with me always

But everyone saying I should face reality

That soon (not to soon) God will take you from me.

I keep crying, crying and crying

So scared to loose you my dear Angel

I can’t imagine how will it be

When the time comes and you will leave me.

Am I so selfish not to let you go?

Am I so idealistic to hope you’ll stay?

Am I getting insane rumbling the doctors and nurses?

And rushing my family everytime to stop breathing.

I love you Belle but you love me more anak

You fight for life not for you but for us

You made mommy proud for having the strongest, fiercest

Most beautiful and the greatest baby fighter

My survivor, my warrior, my fighter, my daughter

Athena Aesabelle, am the luckiest mother.

date created: March 10, 2018