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The Military at Coffee Shop

The AFP Helicopter


A woman who loved to the handsome military man official at the coffee shop while every day she had a coffee break same with the military man too

At the coffee shop, I saw a man

Drinking coffee alone, on the table next to me

A Military hair cut, estimated 5 feet and 11 inches in height

May be at the age of early 30’s, fair complexion and handsome

Wearing fatigue in uniform, I believe he is a military man

The coffee shop is near to the military headquarters

That is why most of them, went there if it is a break

If there is no operation or mission

The coffee shop is the place to them for relax

I go again to the coffee shop to have a coffee

I make an order and relax while I am free

I see you again

Oh! I told myself, you are handsome as ever

seldom I love to a guy nor to attract at first

But for you it's hard for me to resist

I hope and pray someday I will know your name

As what i am praying

I noticed in so many times

When you hold your cup of coffee

You look at me, but when I catch you in my eyes

You reply only a smile

I did not expect you to come, I said

In one instance while i'm sleep

When I wake up in the next morning

I found out it was a dream

I am always hoping

I am still praying

That someday you come to me

And ask my name

My routine, just to drink coffee every morning

When I enter the coffee shop,

I saw you from a distance

Set, silently drinking in a cup of coffee, while you look at me

Stupid! If you like me then come to me, if you don’t then leave me

I told myself like a foolish

I know I don’t have right to complaint

Because we don’t know each other yet

I set on the table far from you

While I’m waiting my order, I’m surprised, you come to me and said “Hello!

Introduced your name took my hand and shake

Then you added, how many times I dare but now I make it

I replied, you know I am so happy

I'm waiting to you for a long time

To God I just hope and pray

Thank you so much because we meet this way

You are a military and anytime you will be full-out here

To be assigned anywhere

I have nothing to do with your profession

I know you have your own mission

All the time I hope and pray

That God gives us strength every day

Protect and save you from enemy

And you come back to me safely

You promise me that you will come back

Soon, as long as accomplish your mission

Yes, I am waiting you here

At the coffee as well

Thank you because you are here and you succeed

As we have stated we meet again

We join together as we celebrate The Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and I love you my man that's my greetings!

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