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At The Bonfire


They all looked famished, droopy, sunken.. The real definition of broken beyond repair..
Couldn't even have their chins up.
" She just seemed to love breaking hearts, " the first one said.
" He was afraid of commitment, " the second one said.
" money is always a factor. Wouldn't just let me alone. I didn't have neither at the end if it, " yet another one
." I didn't know what love was. I still don't . " the last one says..
The fire was breathing, it had been fed and was growing bigger and bigger by the minute so everyone got to see the stranger who didn't know love. Because his chin was almost upright, almost.
Nobody talked after him.
No silence was this loud.,....
" My heart was never meant for this... ".. That would have been what I'd have said if the fifth and sixth strangers had talked....
The stranger who knew not what love was rose and left...
And slowly the others around the bonfire did too.. Until it was just me and the fire...
" Am love, don't get close or I'll scotch yah! " the fire seemed to say...
And I left.... Hoping to have left my heart not so close to the bonfire...

© 2020 Amani Utembu

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