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At Least I Am Different


Dear Papa

Yes that was painful

When I came to know

that you too think about me

just like people of our society do

I know that I still have to prove myself

I have yet to achieve so many

things to make you feel proud

So that you can tell someone

without any hesitation that I am your daughter

I know very well that I am legging behind

But I don't compete with anybody

To me life is not a race

It's a God's gift

I too have dreams

And I am trying hard to make them true

I don't know whether you are aware of my problems or not

But everyday I fight

I fight against the fixed norms of our society

I fight against my limitations

Each day I am extending my level of endurance

So what people talk about me can't affect my mental health

I am happy

I am satisfied

I am healthy

I love you all

But please, please don't compare me with anybody

It hurts

Especially when you do so

Please accept me and love me as I am

If you can't appreciate me that's okay

But at least don't criticize me just because I am different

I know I think differently

I act and react differently

It doesn't mean that I am lacking of something

I have my own beliefs

And I strongly believe in them

I also respect people around me and their beliefs

But it doesn't mean that I should also think like them

Please try to understand my point of view

Try to look at this world from my perception

That will help you know me better

May be they are more successful

May be I am not better, but at least I am different.


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