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Updated on February 12, 2018
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Marisse is a Writer/Poet, also has experience in Online Marketing. Formerly an expatriate in UAE as an OFW, now a stay-at-home mom.


Where there is love, you find a feeling of sanity,

like your heart’s at home, warm and secure with somebody.

You’ve found a special place that’s entitled just for you,

where you’re surrounded with love, that you can tell is true,

and blocked off are life’s stresses and eccentricities—

a sanctuary-like escape, you can be at peace.

You can get so accustomed for such a comfy stay;

the best that has ever happened to you, you may say.

To feel a love as such could make your heart dance and sing,

to a song it won’t get tired of as it keeps playing.

And as two hearts feel the same song, together they cling,

bonded strongly by acceptance and understanding.

The relationship is stripped nude in all honesty,

all exposed and subject to vulnerability.

But you have a sense of assurance and entrustment.

It’s your safe zone that’s unwavered at any extent.


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