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''You Are Not Alone''

Izma is a medical student, studying MBBS. She is also a beauty/health blogger. She loves to write.


''Do you ever feel ALLAH exalted while prostrating.

You will feel as if he is only and only yours''

''Allah doesn't allow empty hands to be empty

But the fact is that man is impatient''

''Man never counts his blessing

He counts, what he doesn't get''

''We ignore ALLAH even, after listening to him

And ALLAH hears us on a first call''

''ALLAH doesn't meet the man with stubbornness or ego

ALLAH meets sacrifice and crying ahead of him''

''When man tries to ask for the world

ALLAH calls him to himself''

''ALLAH has all the skills to get rid of difficulties

He changes the situation, before blinking the eyes''

''The essence of ALLAH is extremely pure

ALLAH purifies, whom he chooses''

''ALLAH will give it back to you

For which your heart is crying''

''There are no sad endings for those,

Who trust ALLAH''

''Once the replacement from ALLAH arrives,

You'll forget what you lost''

''We are so tired

Please heal us, MERCIFUL''

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