Asmodeus Chris~t~opher the Prince : By Ryan Christopher Beitler

Updated on July 25, 2019
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The prince

Christopher Believes

In scorching eternal pits of hell.
Come forth north a compelled Serpent!
120 ft. of mystique without any concern.
Nurtured by Lucifer it's Solutions turn.
The world sought chaos with sin, burn!
Pappy was tattooed nails of the scourge.
I will devour your skin then have fur!
I pound them in steel sealed with scale.
Collect fairs airmail too 9 layers.
Prepare for the horns all bow, Hail!
Don't fret, fear, forgive or prepare.
This story is long, gruesome and detailed.
Stomach of a whale to inhale the world.
All from the pain of 1 simple girl?
Inside the garden of Eden.
Eve looked into a demons eye, scheming!
Nobody hurts dad's prince by deceiving.
Now, humanity is my plate of feeding!
God sent the serpent to slither and bite.
Now, I poison this worlds appetite.
I strike pins down no shackles N' ball.
The bird call to all evolved demons.
Offspring's of my father's semen.
The serpent from depths of stone, fish.
Irish moss I paid the cost of all bosses.
Hera's body is mine confined away with Eve.
Never shall I let go to daddy's sweet pea.
A pod reap benefits of an immortality!
He blessed his serpent to speak away.
Everyone pissed hissing truth I relay.
All alone on my own doing work my way
I kick them when they are down.
Your kind took the same route, hound!
Remember, you insane clown deep down.
You only prosper with the snake around!
I have the crown now you tremble.
You claim my father's name in shame!
Now, I will put a stake in your veins!
You are mine simple N' Plain Jane.
A sweet soul like a candy cain.
Inside the envelope is my invitation
Undivided, I rule my father's nations.
A proclamation of dependency on me.
The Lexicon prince of demonic poetry.
A splash of class for all to know me.
You will do what you are told below me!
They say 'Solution' show me the way..
I tell them Christopher is out today!
Carrying world's on his back across the Sea.
The little boy replied," How admiring? God trusts you?!
I said,"Ryan doesn't trust himself!
Ignorance is bliss my eternal wealth.
Stealth is my brother with sacred health.
Lexis is MY daughter of Rebekah.
People made my Life a crying shame!
Now, they be butchered with unbearable pain.
This is the game light vs.dark play.
I continued the story a few more decades.
The serpent slithers still yearning the most!
To sit at the head of the table of BOTH!
My ghost Chri$T- opher the holy ghost!
Mother Mary protect your host.
Fallen angels glide all around me.
I will continue your words from Daddy.
"Remember who always pretends,'? he proclaimed so profoundly.
Feed the beast God sent to eat!
I yearn for more like Championship rings.
Tale of the tape is collection of immortal sins.
" Can you trust the Unbearable light and Darkness Christopher brings,"!
Sing the entire world to sleep, poetry.
A new plate of judgment is just for me.
I have conquered many a away.
Steering his inevitable day with God.
I collect souls from both sides!
With uncanny beauty and charm disguised.
Look at the blue and brown in my eyes.
St Micheal is on the loose with a noose.
Looking for a solution to this Symbolic form of epic proportions.
You can't keep me down!
No doubt I rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.
Clashing with Archangels and different classes!
A collector of all that try my father's crown

The bible

Do you believe in the teachings from the Bible?

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© 2019 Ryan Christopher Beitler


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