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Ask Your Heart

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Amara is a writer and love to express her thoughts and emotions through poems and poetry.

Your heart will always lead you to the right path.. Photo credit; Pixabay

Your heart will always lead you to the right path.. Photo credit; Pixabay

Who are we? What is the purpose of this life? These questions come in everybody's mind, at some stage of their lives. Our souls feel depressed in the darkness of this worldly life, they are made of light and they need light to survive. Light always transpire from inside, not from the bottom, but from the depth of the heart, whenever someone seeks it.

It is the matter of purification, matter of love. Love of Mighty, love of Divine. When we are able to attain this purification, our hearts open up. Heart is a window to soul, when it opens up, our souls guide us. We don't need guidance from stars and books anymore, but our souls become our ultimate guides. In this short poem I would like to explain it from a spiritual point of view.

Who am I

What is the purpose of my life

This thought comes to my mind

Don't leave me, not for a while

Sitting in the silence

I asked my mind

My mind said, I don't know

Ask the heart, he is always right

I asked my heart

But my heart never replied

I kept on knocking the door of my heart

One day my heart woke up, with a light

Where this light came from

I was a seeker of this light

It filled me with a delightful joy

My heart replied, it is the light of Divine

When we are a seeker of light

We have to wake up our sleeping hearts

Pure yourselves to wake up them up

Keep on knocking, never give up

Heart is a door to your soul

When it gets opened

Your soul is no longer trapped in the body

It will guide you it will show you the path

The path of truth, to the world of light

Understanding it, yet we don't have ability

Seeker of light, seekers of this path

You don't know anything, ask your heart.

© 2021 Amara

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