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Ask Me Again


I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

“Ask me again,” he said

And I could feel my face turning red

“Asked and answered, young friend,

I see no need to ask you again.”

“Oh, please, woncha please?” so quick came the plea

Then puppy dog eyes looked back up at me


“I’ve already asked you

All day and all night,

In hopes every time that each just might

Be the very.



But no…”

So not this time

I’m too smart for that

I’ll not be asking

You young little brat

That same old

Same old

Tired question

To hear in response

The affected expression

It makes me cross

When the answer’s the same

I’ve grown so weary

Of this young children’s game

“Oh, but I promise

I truly and surely do

This time it’s for real

I’m not fibbing to you!

I’ll answer the query

Then be done with it

And move on otherwise

With my engaging young wit

Do me this last

One favor, oh please

If it matters at all

I could beg on my knees!”

I paused for a moment

I’m such an old fool

Soft in the heart

And fond of the rule

The one of gold, you know

It informs and guides interaction

Its adherence always brings

Participant satisfaction

So I went there once more

To that trusty old tenet

Held back a deep breath

Hoped I wouldn’t regret it

“No, no, my young lad

Not necessary is that

Not down on the floor

Like a common housecat

Instead let me gaze

Into your eye socket beads

To see if deception

Is where this all leads…”

And looking right there

No ruse could be found

Just honesty and innocence

In those orbs large and round

So I grabbed his small chin

In my large, calloused hands

Opened my mouth

And then asked him again:

“Hey there, young man

What is your name?”

Then his eye colors changed

And I filled up with dread

Oh no! No, no, no!

A voice yelled in my head

And his mouth started to curl

On each side toward his cheeks

In gleeful preparation, I guess

Getting ready to speak

Then my fingers let loose

Of his young fragile jaw

And moved toward my ears

As he opened his maw

Too late to miss it

I plugged my ears with my fingers

The effect of that only

That the words they just lingered


And echoed


And around

In my head


The dreaded


“What”s my name?


Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same!

Ah ha ah ha ah ha ha ha ha

That’s my name!

It’s Puddintane!

Say it again and it sounds the same!”

Come on now, ask me

Ask me, my friend

Oh please, please, please

Woncha ask me again?!”

© 2021 greg cain


greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 24, 2021:

I think we're probably only as old or young as we feel, Brenda. And on top of that, I'd say this: I know my kids have heard of Puddintane! Haha! Happy Wednesday, and have a good week, Brenda.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 19, 2021:

Awe...are ya saying we are old?

Still thinking I'm a spring chicken over here...surely they've heard of this one.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 19, 2021:

Thanks, Sha Sha! I was thinking about old Puddintane the other day, and how he was the name some kids used to say...I'm pretty sure a younger crowd has not heard this much before (if ever). Hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy some sunshine in FL!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on March 19, 2021:

Too cute, Box! It wasn't until towards the end that I thought I might know where this was going. Puddintane came to mind just about the time the query-er belted out his question.

I wonder how many of your young followers even know that story!

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 18, 2021:

Thanks, Brenda! Jesse is a sweetheart. to the name...but of course!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 17, 2021:

Cute one!

An adorable dog.

So did you let him pick his own name?

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 17, 2021:

Thank you, Amara, for the kind words. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Amara from Pakistan on March 17, 2021:

It was a fun to read this poem.. Thanks for sharing..

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 17, 2021:

Thanks, Louise! And Happy St. Patrick's Day right backatcha!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on March 17, 2021:

That's a lovely poem. Happy St Patrick's Day to you!

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 17, 2021:

Thanks, Liz! I appreciate the words. I had fun putting it together. Hope all is well in the UK. Be safe and be well.

Liz Westwood from UK on March 17, 2021:

This is a well-worked and timely piece of poetry.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 17, 2021:

Happy St. Patty's Day, Bill! Jesse's a great old gal, and you're right...those eyes are irresistible. Thanks for reading and commenting, as always, to all three of you. Good week to you.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 17, 2021:

Thanks, Ann! I've had this sitting idly for weeks and it finished itself today for some reason...the dog is our Jesse. She's getting on in years, but she's a grand old lady.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on March 17, 2021:

Go raibh maith agat, John! Top o' the morning!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 17, 2021: much fun! What an adorable dog. How could you not trust him?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, buddy!

Ann Carr from SW England on March 17, 2021:

This is great! I had never heard the name 'Puddintane' before but I've just looked it up and it seems it's an American children's rhyme, so you've educated me today, Greg - thank you! It's charming but infuriating - I see where you're coming from. That dog has such soulful eyes!


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 17, 2021:

Funny stuff. Top’o’ the morn-in to ya. A fun poem, Greg.

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