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Shining in a Dark Place by Brandon Rechten

Shining in a Dark Place by Brandon Rechten

And it felt like a dark end

There were shadows lurking

I seem to hear all these

Ghastly whispers

And pain you couldn’t mend.

Light was nowhere to be found

With bursts of cold air

Defeaned by the silence

With blinded eyes

Nothing to reach all around.

And my hands were flailing

With panicked heart

My voice was clogged

By the obvious shock

I hear no one coming.

Tears ran down for like an eternity

Muffled cries I was torn to hear

The endless pain I long to leave

Warmth of drops were all I could feel

I’m getting sadder and lonely.

And for days, I’ve stayed there

Standing still, hardly breathing

I felt my life slowly fading

Hopelessness was all there was

I thought I couldn’t go any further.

If someone could reach me,

I wish they will do now

Hold me in their arms

And bury all my pain

Away from my memories somehow.