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Ask For Advice And See What We Get

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When I Am Stuck With A Problem

I turn to the people who I know

That will give me honest advice

If you went to the hospital

Because you needed surgery

Lets start small

Say for a broken arm

The doctor will operate later today

Then you will be home in one day

Would you take the time to read

A free magazine called Dr. Who ?

In each issue a fun way to look at a hospital

There are so many people in a hospital

That make our stay a pleasant one

Maybe ten pages in all

Some pages talking about different operations

In an easy to follow diagrams

Over simplified to make us interested and curious

Like a mystery novel

Then in the last line

Everyone here in the hospital would like to leave you with this final thought

Please make our day

Get better and stay away

Take our advice

Go Home

Underneath different autographs of patients and hospital personnel

Made into a beautiful page Mural

I want to notice

The important people that we might miss

Just like celebrities and athletes

Who deserve to be in the spotlight

With their name honored and appreciated

Well that is as far as I have for now

If your are interested in finding out more ?

I welcome all your thoughts and opinions

We are all making the next issue

Better than it has to be

Maybe an exciting twist hidden in the pages

Where ten people are randomly picked

To receive free bonus gifts

That could be anything from gift cards to flowers

Five for patients and five for anyone working at the hospital

To remind everyone

You are special

You are loved

A recap of everything I have said

A magazine in the hospital

That relates to what you might be going through

Light hearted and funny

Making you forget why you are here

You could even be in the next issue

Not filled with medical terms that know one understands

A non technical hands on approach

A weekly magazine that an older person can see

Large enough print you won't need to use glasses

Bold print and filled with crazy cartoons

Talking about patients experiences and their recovery

In the middle and sometimes on the front page

One Big Thank you card

Made into a collage

With so many beautiful names on it

A wonderful mix

Both patients and hospital staff

As far as I know this hasn't been done

I would love to see it happen

Where people find kindness

To be the best healer of them all

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