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Ascension - Mind's Eye

Just 50 year old guy in Beaverton Oregon, who enjoys family, craft beer, and being stupid. I have always enjoyed creative writing.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arrhakis

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arrhakis

Minds Eye

See... I

The place where I exist

I walk between resonant healing chambers

24 carat gold solid ... tipped

Not tombs


Nor small minded and ignorantly labeled chasms of doom

Irradiated by Eastern Sun-fire

Affectionately embosom my soul with this monotonous gold I drink..

Drink it down

Quenching this ancient sere soul


The pineal awakens

Photo receptors dilate pupils wide

Ancient wisdom mimics the nuclear fusion of the sun as I

A mere beam

A photon leave

Between the picosecond ticks of the Sundial

Escaping the gluttonous gravitational pull of selfishness

Transported inter-dimensionally


Aware .. awake

Journey ... I

I’m there

The home of origin

The destination without from that was within the womb

Radially vibrating across the rhythm as my soul opens... blooms

The book of wisdom opens at page 1 revealing wisdom old and dear

I navigate

With perfect sine

Across infinite space time

With an Ankh using the Piezoelectric effect

Approaching you in phase with unwavering amplitude

Vibrating truth into your ear

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