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As the Cascades Fall

Cheryl is a freelance writer, newspaper columnist,and poet who has numerous published works. She enjoys sharing abou her adventure in nature

Cascade Water Falls.

Cascade Water Falls.

A treck to the top of the mountain

Where the air is fresh and clean

The atmosphere is peaceful

Life stands still it's so serene

Stress hunger and thirst all cease

From the noises below, comes a sweet release

A cool mist gently caresses all

Who stand beneath the waterfalls

Water Falls goes over the rocks

Water Falls goes over the rocks

The aroma of moss and pine is carried by the breeze

Along with the scent of moist earth and wet trees

Take a deep breath and drink it all in

Then down the mountain, we start to descend

Pure white water pours and gushes

Over the boulders and rocks it rushes

Through nooks and crannies the cascades flow

Into a stream where it's now moving slow

Water flowing

Water flowing

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