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As if Nothing Happened

Loud days of hustle and bustle

Where to find a way with tonnes of trouble?

When the night is full of hushed struggle

With tears you count is way double

Is there a way?

In this great wide crowded world to stay

By embracing the “Human” way

When your hallowed dreams collide

And make you immensely petrified

When there’s no way to face the tide

Will you sail across the unnerving ocean wide

As if nothing happened

When your heart goes numb

In the battlefields of scum

When they make you dance over filthy strum

Will you still walk in peace crumb

Like nothing happened

When people serve you the vicious venom

To restrain the power of blossom

And make your soul gruesome

Oh dear Bud, will you still graciously bloom

Like nothing ever happened

When they scratch your healing wound

With the tales of rotten memory bound

When it’s difficult to heal on faulty ground

Will you fly towards floating cloud

As if nothing happened

When they make your existence pointless

Their words suck out your weakness

And when there’s no choices

Would you still collect all the good pieces

As if nothing ever happened

When there is no choice left behind

But to knock the death’s door remind

Where blood sweat and tears reside

Oh dear, will you still take up this grind

With the smile refined

As everything happened

For A Reason

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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