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As Smooth As It Gets


There Might Be Many Ways To Say It

Each way tells a wonderful story

Of a day that started out good

Then ended even better

Nothing out of whack

Not even the slightest hassle

The time didn't drag

Then again it didn't fly by either

It went at a nice pace

My co-workers were all getting along

The customers seemed to be fine too

I had a little time in the afternoon

I managed to do a few things

My wife had a pleasant day also

That makes my day so much better

It started to rain

Then it cleared up

Light traffic so no problem driving anywhere

It was so great to see hours of pleasure

Followed by more hours of happiness

Boy do I wish days like this would never end


Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 01, 2020:

I don't remember when I've had a really great day. My days are all right and one flows into another. Some bumps right now I cannot get over and you know? I still thank the Lord for each day. Not even speaking of problems with writing jobs, I do not have an actual kitchen so I use a hot plate, a toaster oven, and a slow cooker. Well the hot plate went on the blink so I have to wait to get another, I attempt to boil water in my slow cooker but that is not working too well and actually there is not much at this moment to put in the toater overn. Something has got to change and fast.

DREAM ON (author) on October 01, 2020:

Anupam Mitu Thank you for being the first to comment on my poem. Life is filed with all kinds of riddles and I think it is up to us to find out the meaning. We can let it go by and do nothing. We can go back and search later and find some insight. We can keep searching and finding new ways to tell an old story. One that we love so much. If we spend our time reliving the joys we have little time for those less happy times. I honestly believe the more we let good into our lives the better life will become. (lol) Sometimes not fast enough. I take a back seat to the bad and unhappy days. When things go well I want to be front and center. I have had a tough time trying to weed out the good and the bad in my life. I found if I concentrate and focus on the good my best times will have more love and the unfortunate times will fade. Thanks again for reading and caring. May your day light up like a Christmas tree and shine bright.

DREAM ON (author) on October 01, 2020:

Chrish Canosa I also remember times growing up in my parent's home that was so pleasurable and happy. Later on in life when both my parents had passed away I always wanted to keep the home in the family and my other brothers wanted to sell. I had no choice but to sell. Unable to buy at the time and no matter how hard I tried nothing seemed to work. Now I reflect on the good memories. I thought by keeping the home it would keep the brothers together and we would remain close. That didn't happen and as time goes on we are drifting apart. Life has a unique way of showing us so many different feelings and emotions. I do love that we can go back to our greatest joys and relive them as often as we like in our minds. We always have to grow and learn new things. Like it or not it is part of life. Always remember those beautiful times on the farm and you can also find new memories to blend with the old ones. Sometimes losing something we love gives us time to love a new love and now we can build and expand with more passion. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share. I often learn from other peoples experiences that help me deal with my own. I hope today is filled with a new joy and a beauty you didn't feel or see before. Have a great day.

DREAM ON (author) on October 01, 2020:

Lorna Lamon I have had my fair share of chaotic, stressful, or just completely busy days with non-stop action that I don't even remember what day it is. Each time I tried to take control but it wasn't happening anytime soon. I couldn't figure it out. I did not encourage or wish anything of the sort but it was still here. I was in the middle of something I couldn't understand or change. Later a good friend and work and I were talking at work and suddenly work got extremely busy. We termed the phrase we are in the middle of a tornado. No control and we have to wait to see what happens. Later on, the night goes back to a more normal pace and we can joke and laugh at it. We were able to put our feelings in its proper place. We put a reason where we had no reason before. When a good day comes it makes me reflect on those not so friendly days and I get to enjoy both in some strange way. Wishing you more lovely days ahead. Where you can relax and enjoy all the wonders of life. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Every comment means so much to me.

Lorna Lamon on October 01, 2020:

My life is hectic at the moment so reading your poem reminded me that when I do have a day such as the one you described, then hold on to the memory of how it made me feel - at peace with the world. A wonderful poem to reflect on.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on September 30, 2020:

The last time as I remember I said this line

" I wish days like this would never end "

It was in my father's farm - i miss my home so much.

Thanks for sharing the thought :-)

Have a great time! And blessings

Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on September 30, 2020:

Nicely composed.

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