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As One Year Finishes a New Year Is About to Begin

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What Have We Learned ?

To Keep trying

Life is not a one size fits all

It is more like a snowball

Everyone can see on the outside

They all look the same

The are just snow

Rolled into a ball

If we look and dare to go closer

We can uncover so much more

There are times that the snow won't pack

It looks beautiful

But you will never make a snowball

It is too soft and fluffy

Then there are times

The snow is a little bit wet and moist

The snow packs real good

As soon as you put your hands in the snow

The snow packs wonderful and nice

I would make snowballs all day if I could

Now people have their own technique

Yes, there is an art for making snowballs

Wow, you never knew there was an actual science to it

There is something about when you make your first snowball

A joy

A wonderful feeling of satisfaction

Look I did it

Now remember you are not the first one

You will not be the last person either

You still feel really special

Like it is something extra special

If you made it with no gloves on

You might just regret it

As you fingers get really cold

Really fast

I would recommend against it

Even though I have done it many times

It makes no sense

I know what the outcome will be

My hands are going to be freezing cold

Now after you make it

That is only the first half

Now you have to throw it

So we shall see if it actually will survive the flight

If not don't worry

There is plenty of snow to make another one

You can throw the snowball at a tree

Be really daring and try a small branch

Even at a friend

Just remember when you throw one at someone else

Expect one back

That is the very beginning of another first

A snowball fight

Now there aught to be rules

No throwing at someone's face

That sounds good in theory

In reality you are going to get one in the face

It doesn't mean it has to be bad

You should always be careful

You don't want to hurt anyone else

I have got hit with many snowballs

Just in fun

Some were aimed at my jacket

When they reached their target

It was more like my neck

Snow went down my back really quick

Boy does that wake you up

You can have lots of fun in the snow

Everyone can make a snowball

You can also see who can throw the farthest

Have a friendly competition with friends

You can also play catch with snowballs

After awhile you can see how the snowballs break apart

Then you have to rebuild it

Sometimes there is nothing left

Then you have to start from scratch

Some people make small snowballs

Others like them really big

I know I find them addictive

I can never just make one

If you start with a snowball

That is the beginning of a whole other project

You soon want to make a snowman

That is so much fun

We will have to save that for another day

You can't make one snowman

Without the art of making a snowball

For those young girls out there

You can make snow women

What is a snowman with out a snow woman

Then you can make snow children

Then you have a snow family

You can be the first to make a snow dog or cat

That would be amazing

So even though each snowball looks pretty much the same

You can see how different it really is

When you are making your snowballs

I like to smooth them out

So they look perfectly round

Now you have to remember

No matter how good you make them

They won't last forever

When the weather turns warm

Good bye my wonderful creation

There is something about seeing little kids making snowballs

They struggle to get the snow tight

It can be really tough

Especially if they have mittens not gloves

I am sure when you first started to read this poem

You never thought I could go on and on about snowballs

There is a lot more to say

It is always good to leave some things out

So people can tell about their own experiences

Nobody likes a snow it all

I do remember there was a time

I spent a lot of energy

Trying to make a few snowballs at once

Then I tried to carry them

Soon one snowball squished into another

One broke apart

As I tried to save the other one

One fell and it was a snow disaster

Now that was many years ago

A snow memory that stills makes me laugh

As a young boy I also made a snow fort

To hold my snowballs

A great place to hide

Just incase I was under attack

As kids we spent many hours outside

Having fun with friends and dreaming

I have many memories of times I played out in the snow

Even times when I should of came it a lot earlier

Because I go wet and soon cold

I was having so much fun

I wouldn't leave

I couldn't leave

So as the snow falls here in New England

We have had our second snow fall

About five inches total

i am sure there is more snow on the way

More snowballs to be made

More snow excitement in everyone's hands

Remember, do not to let anyone tell you any different

I have seen many snowballs in my lifetime

Your snowball is one of the best

© 2021 DREAM ON