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As My Stomach Growls

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Why Can't I Sleep ?

I hardly ever can't sleep

I had a good day yesterday

Now with the day over

I was already for bed or so I thought

After two hours I began to toss and turn

I didn't feel hungry

Earlier in the day I had eaten some bologna

My wife said it was six days old

It smelled and tasted good

So I wondered if it could of been that

As a rule as soon as my head hits the pillow

I am la la land

So many people have sleeping problems

I am lucky I never have to count sheep

I love sleep

If it was an occupation

I would sign on the dotted line tomorrow

I am here

Ready to sleep day or night

Give me a pillow and I am a happy camper

Now that I couldn't sleep

I decided to go on HubPages

I read about angels in a very inspiring hub

That took me to this current moment

My stomach still a little wishy washy

I ate a pear

The green pear was not only juicy but incredibly delicious

I can still hear my stomach growl

My thoughts are relaxed and peaceful

I don't have any pressing issues on my mind

I average five to six hours a night

The weathers been chilly

I worked out in the yard today

So I should be tired

As I do a process of elimination in my head

One by one

I check off what it could be

Maybe an angel wanted me to read about angels

I have always believed in angels

I have never seen one that I know of

I feel that they continue to do God's work

Angel, angel it even sounds so calming

I think it even has a ring

No one in my family or friends have ever talked much about angels

So what better time than now

I always like to think up ideas

That is my creative side kicking in

I think wouldn't it be something if they made a play about angels

They can go right to the point

No beating around the bush

Cut right to the chase and call it

Angels Are Everywhere

It is a story about angels who meet at a coffee shop

They talk about their day

Who they have helped and who wouldn't listen

After each angel talks and tells their own funny story

All the angels get ready to leave

See you next week

One angel says to another

You bought this week

My turn to buy the coffee next time

They all smile and go on their way

The same waitress waits on them every week

She doesn't know they are angels

She does say they are good tippers though

She says she feels funny when they leave

I am glowing all over

I can't explain why ?

Another waitress says

Are you sure you didn't put something extra in your coffee ?

Don't be silly

You know I don't even drink coffee

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