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As If You Were Here!

Poet, translator and writer of many books of poems. She is interested in literature and culture studies.

She Was


Suddenly the Terrible Wind

Suddenly the terrible wind begins to blow over the coast

It half embraces me as if you were here!

The dark nights of September sky only rushes forth,

Monday nights end with the Tuesday nights,

Nights and nights, nights after nights,

It is long since I could remember a day, how it looks!

I draw myself along the streets, taking everyone as you, asking them:

"Do you know?"

"Have you seen?"

I follow the amazed faces one by one

Angry faces, asking faces, anatomical faces confront me

Then silence erupts breaking the din of city

Trudging my feet, I return to my home

Forging the truth less, baseless fairy tales to tell myself,

They whisper around me, those half naked truths

Half naked as they are, blank faces, pink thighs, rosy lips,

Where are they going? I paced along the dried path of September

Trees abundant with cherries, could I forget you?

When the sky spread like a newly wed maiden on night.

Come! White nights, let's play the game of chess!

Let's decide when the pawn will eat the boat

Or the horse gallops over the vast army of forgetfulness,

You have gone and the nights begin only after a night, drawn from the dead.

© 2021 Ilina Jones

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