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As I Opened My Eyes

Please Read: "It's A Fairy Tale"


As I Opened My Eyes

As I walked in my dream,

In a land of cream.

With no vice,

In a land of paradise.

Only angels were around,

Only charming and caring Prince I found.

Everyone were dancing to glory.

With no anguish or worry.

In the background played soothing songs.

Even when something went wrong,

The fairy's magic,

Made things once again ecstatic.

The air was filled with love and laughter.

There was always happily ever after.

All this I started to believe,

As a child, with these thoughts the world I perceived.

These stories I grew up with,

I grew up with this rosy myth.

But as I woke up from my sleep.

As I opened my eyes, saw oceans of cries and weeps.

The sweet air smelt sour.

Love was replaced by war.

I stood there in shock and mourn.

Coz all this while something else I was shown.

I stood there in disbelief,

I was filled with pain and grief.

My dreams and beliefs broke,

As from my sweet sleep I woke.

My dreams and my rosy beliefs started to perish,

As I was standing in the reality astonished.

For the first time, the bitter reality I got to confront,

My sweet dreams I could nowhere hunt.

The reel and real were poles apart,

Seeing this broken was my heart.

As I laid,

My dream replayed.

Again in the rosy land my mind started to sail,

And soon I came across a board which read, "Welcome to the land of fairy tale".

How I wished this earlier I should have read,

By false beliefs and expectations I wouldn't have been mislead.


Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on January 17, 2020:

Absolutely true Brenda. It's disappointing when expectations don't meet the reality. But I guess that's life- Fall, learn and grow. Thank you for reading the poem Brenda. May you be blessed always.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 17, 2020:

What a wonderful feeling, too bad it cannot last in real life.

It would be great if we could read the signs as we get older but our hearts mistake so many things when we are in love.

Nice one.

Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on January 17, 2020:

Thank you so much Lorna for your kind and encouraging words. It truly means a lot. Best wishes always.

Lorna Lamon on January 17, 2020:

A magical poem Shalini which made me think of the many fairy tales I loved to read as a child. The realities of life can be harsh and sometimes it would be nice to drift into the land of fairy tales. Lovely poem.

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