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"Spring Season" Poem by Paris Hansen

I love writing even no one will read, I just want to write and published.


"Spring Season" a free verse poem by: Paris Hansen

"Spring "

We sat on a bench in the old chapel in spain,

Eating a Spanish bread Bocadillo,

With the deafening silence you held my right hand,

You looked at me like nothing else you see ,

I still remember it was a spring season,

You took me on a museum date,

Having rosy cheeks, you told me it was not a date,

But you gave me a bouquet of lotus flowers,

You looked at me the way I looked at the painting that changed me,

I can still remember it was a spring season,

You asked me for a night walk ,

It's like the melody of love,

When we heard the sound of our foots steps,

In the Night City of Barcelona,

I still recall, it was a spring season,

We are Standing under the Mistletoe,

I stared at your ocean blue eyes,

Like a waves refuses kissing the shoreline,

Everything feels like in a slow motion,

When you utter the three magic words,

the exact words that i want to hear,

the words that makes our souls intertwined,

It felts like the Atlantic and pacific drowning me,

so I took the risk and closed the Gap,

As far as I remember it was a spring season,

Slowly my tears fall down,

Like a shooting stars from my eyes,

Its been years since my sky become dark,

Everything is empty like a timeless black hole,


Spring will be here soon,

Spring, the season I met you is coming,

A spring without you is coming,

A future without you,

Because here I am standing ,

At your Gravestone,

Until we meet again.

© 2022 Paris Hansen

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