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Art and Anxiety: A Perfect Pair

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  



Drawing Captured Me Off Guard and I Love It

This is my life right now; a life of unexpected anxious days for months now. Even so, I know I'm getting better. I know tomorrow I may or may not get nervous and feel anxious. Hey, it's better than last week when I was frequently having stomach pain and feeling on the verge of hyperventilation.

What has helped me? You may ask? Well, it used to be simply writing poetry or writing and discussing current event topics here. However, somehow I picked up a simple little whiteboard and some markers and started drawing. I felt new freedom that I cannot explain!

This article will only be about my therapy into finding my inner peace daily. It is a simple poem through my mind as a new and undiscovered sketch artist. I say undiscovered because I cannot fool myself, of course. I would be foolish to believe that after two months, I will be recognized for great artistic talent. No, I haven't even had that luck with my writing, and I have been doing that much longer. However, it is an inspiration of life for me, something that I can enjoy and hopefully grow stronger and better at.

A Mad Man

A Mad Man

Art and Anxiety: An Odd Couple That Works

For me, this has been a tremendous outlet of self-help with my anxious feelings. When they start to arise inside me, drawing it out, or just drawing anything, I feel like it has helped me calm myself.

Sometimes, I draw an eye with a tear, but sometimes I draw a unique portrait of myself or a loved one or a character I may like. I have found it interesting what I feel compelled to sketch out. Maybe there is something else to discover within me, who knows?

All in all, I found the pair work together well to calm me; the anxiety I have, now has something to rely on to help get me through some rough days. I hate sadness! I don't know anyone who wants this type of life. However, If you are reading this and understand this; I do believe if you don't give up, you can find your fun focus to combat it: Singing, dancing, crafting, or even a daily walk through different neighborhoods exploring people and places. Whatever! I believe we can all survive in this crazy world if we find our little niches to do so!

Snow Baby

Snow Baby

Poetry: My First Love Into the Creative World

As sketch art has helped me at this moment during my life, poetry has helped me greatly in the past. Poetry will always be my first passion. I continue to enjoy the process of the beauty of words. It still makes me happy. However, I think for me as an ever-changing being, that I have to find different types of creativity to pursue because that's who I am.

As a child, and as I have grown into adulthood, it came to my complete attention that I was fighting to find someone I already knew. Early on in my life, it bothered me that I could never find a certain path or purpose for myself like everyone else. Now, I feel blessed to know I wasn't meant to.

Today, I know I was meant to explore every part of me. My ups, my downs, my talents, and my inabilities. We all have them. Some of us want to keep exploring and some of us want to settle, and I think that's just fine.

I hope you enjoyed this personal essay and my poem!



Free Me

Free me from my mind,

take me far away from

my familiar home…

label me an artist of

wonder, an eye for

my own forte of splendor…

Strokes of brilliance; I

am willing to make, but

your eye may not see my


Not to worry about other

views, take me somewhere

there will be only me and you…

a place in the valley; a

wide-open field. Deep in your

eyes of the blues; I want to


drawing emotion, drawing

release. I just want to draw

my happy place.

River bends, and ocean

waves, oh let me stay in a

beautiful state.

Drown my head in artistry’s


Peace in the Valley

Peace in the Valley

© 2017 Missy Smith

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