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Ars Poetica, From the Mind of an Aspiring Novelist

A 28-year-old nerd who loves writing, history and just learning as much as possible Works part-time as an SAT-Prep Teacher at Huntington

Poetry is hard.

Imagine, having to construct a world with six words

instead of sixty thousand. Having the imagination

run wild but having no space to express it in detail. Wanting

to explain yourself but being told to get to the point.

Just how can something so restrictive be enjoyable?

Tying random words together in a rhythm, or stuffing them

with hidden meanings as they waddle into single file lines.

Or displaying one aspect but hearing others that seem “way off”.

Wherein some forms you can be a god, in this form, you are at the mercy

of the words you speak. It’s not you who give them life,

rather it’s the audience they…approach.

Huh, you know, that’s kind of beautiful when you think about it.

Doesn’t make it any easier though.

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