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Arriving at an Impasse

Ogan is a freelance content writer, with a knack to emplore people's mind with his words.


Being a man with a plan isn't so easy
Living life by calculated means isn't so easy

Moving through an endless stream of time
My soul becking forth to call the divine

Wishing for strength
Wishing for pride

Wanting to live life,
Without this fleeting prime

At the moment in which you arrived

Suddenly the fleeting prime,
Stood still in the stream of time

The calculated means became simpler
Thoughts became much clearer

Though the plans set in motion for later
Took a halt for the better

Now all i wonder is what to do next,
Seems like an impasse is all i have left

Decisions aren't so kind to me yet
But as the stream stays frozen an idea I'll get

It may be today or it maybe tomorrow
I promise you that I won't be sorrow

To breakout from this impasse is all i desire
No, wait your presence now is all that matters

These are only a few humble words that i can say
I wish to god that unlike this impasse I'm at you're here to stay.

© 2022 Ogan Spielberg