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Around My Life With Quotes

Transforming Ideas into Reality

I gave you book with empty pages

I gave you ink of wisdom

to create and imagine on your own

And now I’m very curious to see what

You’ve made for yourself

And here you are

Finally transforming ideas from your head into reality


The Supernal and Irenic 30s

1. Thoughts of some people can either Traumatise you or Turn you on

Words of some people can either Bleed your wounds or Heal your soul

2. Love me

until we dissolve in the grave

Love me
until we rise with flesh and blood

3. Don’t let your soul to be so flexible
that it easily gets satisfied over anything

4. We cry because our heart cannot endure "pain"
and We laugh because our soul cannot restrain "joy"

5. Use your imagination
and You will be touched by Words

6. My heart remembers everything
But when it comes to saying that loud,
I forgot

7. Borrow my words
So you can paint your scars

8. You don’t have to be in love
To know what love is

you don’t have to burn yourself
To know what fire is

9. I want to kiss your wounds
and make them mine

10. Cheers to our "Rotten lives"
and "Nasty souls"

Even if it is rotten and nasty don’t you ever quit
Rest if you want but don’t you quit

11. We missed it, didn’t we?

Spark & Fire
Courage & Fear

Word & Scream
Heart & Dream

12. Beauty that soothe your eyes
Venom that crush your bones

Yes !!
We are WOMEN

13. These words haven’t said before
These feelings haven’t felt before



14. He is "Gentle" with you,
But he won't treat you like
you're Fragile

You may be little lost or little damaged,
But he knows
you're not hopeless

15. Down Here
where my profit is your loss and
your loss is my profit


Up There
We share a same sky &
same stars are gleaming for all of us

16. You grab every moment to escape
But you are so tangled to break free

Your heart
Your own jail

17. The storms you hide in your heart
will destroys you

18. Let your inner wind howl wildly
And you can credibly distrub calm oceans

19. Soul is tired of "Counting Scars" that heart own

20. They betrayed you
But you still vowed to live as a man

21. keep falling and hitting the ground
Only in search of real universe

22. I will support you to the best that I can
Only If you make thoughts your aim & make dreams your goal

23. Broken Heart
Collapsed Soul
Brutal Scars
Cracked Perfection

Yes we all are humans

Calamitical Thoughts and
Miraculous Words

We are more than just humans

24. If you’re soul is easily satisfied over your flesh
You really need to think again

25. Still living in silence
Curl your hands into fists and

Own who you are

26. For all the artists out there

Art is like a life
You should know it when you have it

27. Only if you can freeze & thaw my heart at the same time

28. I wish you had the courage to tell
Maybe one day they’ll see the words you wrote and that will be enough

29. You do because you’re in love and you’re in love that’s why you’re doing is different

People gave their precious hearts to the faithless palms

They’re even ready to dive into prickly bushes in the name of love

30. The closet in our brain is way more powerful than the monsters residing in our skin


© 2021 Srushti Gamit