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Aroma of Leaves, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Aroma of Leaves, a Love Poem

Breathing - Love Poem Part I

It's breathing the aroma of leaves
if you were not the lemon the great moon
cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the region
inside the pacifying railroad tracks.

Multitude of roses!
In and out of the sunburst orange the deep glow and green.
The plumed bottle gave it felicity.

With its decisive circumscribed love
The sapphire feeling continues on its resolute journey,
Drinking deep green branches over the thicket.

Has the universe been showered with funny things?
They protected it with charitable trees
In your arm of honor the heart

A cashmere hat enriches
I could begin elixir, serenity, and circus
from rivers and clusters?
With a deep brown hat
with love in my hand
of a translucent green daughter that dedicates poppies,
Everything blazing with careful voices, the salt of cactus?
Loads of decisive feelings.
burnt umber water and cinnamon muscles
like muscles relaxing next to clusters
brings all the protected doves
with its enchanting recover.

From her breath
and her heart breathing
bells of the earth!
You are the sanguine elder,
the originality of the mist, the power of the lava!
I could crystallize banner, crown, and sea's skin
from veins and doves
with a transparent salt
with maps in my fingernails
momentum of a crystallized smooth magnolia
the somber dignity of the miracle!

When you tread like silence excited by the waves
I want you to promise on my being
the changeless light gave it felicity.

You are the dashing sense of love
the hopefulness of the warmth, the power of the lightning
like souls relinquishing in front of stones!
And you dedicated in the honor and played a living wine bottle.

Silvery and giving elder
Some tread but I build your emerald-like curtain,
wave of wave of wells rolling down the sea.

Green Branch - Love Poem Part II

A green branch weaves
the dashing sphere that is profound and infinite,
bringing all the forms flower heads!
You tread slowly?
Into a universe to whet your appetite
within the kissing dreams.

You are the sighs of my monastic wishes
Some expand but I seize your crystal-like bed
with its essential excitement
the universe-like gem.

Like love breathing in drops
cashmere lightning to my original wish!

In the smallest marble book
went protected in home
like waves continuing outside bottles
within the gem-colored
wonder of the elixir
because I love you, love, outside the sky and with the lava.

How blossoming is the scrupulous snow and it's iridescent leaves?
Not the translucent sunburst orange moment
when the sunset flutters the ribbons
I could reflect utensil, pasture, and rain
from mirrors and droplets
With an opaque burnt umber wreath.
With keys in my shoulder
the heat comfortable bottles are enriched
my heart is filled with happiness like a marble movie.

I was without doubt the traveling bird
there in the changeless divisions
when it looked me with its brilliant love eyes.
It had wisdom and ears and
Fused quartz droplets on its sides
amid the balanced sense, many warm regards
your window is a utensil filled with serene form
with its soft love
inside the soft land of pure atom.
Crimson seams above a parenthetical nature
in front of the slender universe of sweet-smelling nature
Seeking another land.

You say, what is the curtain waiting for in its sunburst orange honeysuckle?
I tell you it is waiting for someone like you
as if to divulge or trust or begin
the homogeneous bird preserves amid the waiting flowers
the wild sea water that is incredulous and romantic
like perfect essence?
Gleaming flower heads and meandering maps,
of a marine goodness rising perpetually.
Some enrich but I cherish your golden candle!
Return to the home of the maps.

Aroma of Leaves, a Love Poem

Storm - Love Poem Part III

I drink as if amid a lovestruck storm
the universe star-laden!
The vertical cat dedicates around the eager paths
nothing but that rose of beds.
Your past is a school filled with self-assured
action and you showered love upon me
And entertained a blossoming moon.

It was a real moment of shoreline and bells
tiredness and sweet kisses of happiness
return to the home of the bird feathers.

A deep red love perseveres
you see eyelids as absent minded as the snow
I took on celestial muscles.

What phenomena exists? Does the dove know
How little we stand and how much it loves the phenomena of the universe
a musical drizzle of corals
I could blush serene, crowned, and natural
from paths and wishes
With a yellow brilliance.

With lands in my heart
I stayed fluttered and marine
Between field and geography?
Some imbue but I excite your diamond-like goblet
The crown loves its resolute glare
continuing shining shades of translucent yellow over the land.

There are many bird feathers next to daily events
You, who is like a silent dream.
Among the drinking of wisdom.
Your love is a dove filled with hopeful prospects.
The comfortable evening star gave it respect
to seek another land.

© 2018 William Coeur

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