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Arise! O Beautiful Soul, Fly! Monday's Inspiration 49


Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

" God is everywhere, but if we do not see Him or feel Him inside our Hearts, then we will not be able to see Him anywhere. First we have to see Him within us and talk to Him inside our Hearts. Then only, will we be able to see God and speak to God." - Sri Chinmoy


A Synopsis of Sonnet Number 1. Free Verse, Although the First Stanza Deliberately Rhymes

This poem is esoterical and devotional. It expresses the silent Joy of the Lover .. the God-soul or devotee who is steeped in the agony of sweet Silence. He calls on the Eternal Mother, yet there are no words. In this deep state of profundity, his tongue is mute and there is only an abundance of ceaseless but speechless Delight.

The devotee feels intoxicated, but even in this state, he knows that God is so much more ... unspoken ... that he is just a poor imitation of Its Light... this Silent Music; this ceaseless Flute.

Ma, Ma … My Silent Music; My Ceaseless Flute

Ma, Ma … my silent Music; my ceaseless Flute;

My Emptiness in fullness; awakening and night.

My lips are silent; my tongue mute.

O endless Shadow; O sweetest Light!

With what should I describe Thy birthless might?

In this drunken banquet of blissfulness, I dine,

Yet it is strange, for I have not tasted wine.

Who am I to speak of You, O Mother?

Alas! I am but a poor imitation;

You are the Weaver of silent conversation.

O Lantern, remain in thy frenzied state of longing,

I will caress your tongue with My sweet, sweet loving.

Embrace the ecstatic agony of thy Heart's Delight,

With the unspoken timelessness, of my supernal Height.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 1st December, 2018.

Awakening The Inner Light


Synopsis of the Second Poem

As the mythical Alladin's cave is full of endless treasure, so too the heavenly realm is full of Peace. This Sonnet (free verse), calls upon the soul to die from the magnetic pull of the transitory world, to rise, like an eagle, to the abode of Bliss.

Forgetting the brilliance and grandeur of its eternal Home, indeed not knowing, like the deer, that it carries its own musk, it is lost in a fog of sleep and is now being persuaded to rise ... to free itself from the thorns - the impediments - that makes it bleed.

The Greek Trojan horse; the Helen with lips sealed with sacred juice, are mythical and at the same time poetical embellishments ... images to evoke this ' flowing river, from which you’ll never thirst.'

The Phoenix


Arise! O Beautiful Soul, Fly!

O luster'd Light, O song-bird of infinity, die!

Die to the mundane ... this transient shadow.

You have forgotten the splendour of rainbows;

Hid your fragrances in thorns, believing

Them to be roses, even while they pierce your Heart.

Awake, my sweet, O beautiful Light! fly!

Arise! Cute eagle of infinitude, soar!

Cleanse thy wings of the ephemeral.

There’s a trojan horse awaiting, a Helen,

Lips sealed with the sacred juice …a

Chalice, from which you’ll never tire;

A flowing river, from which you’ll never thirst.

Come! Love is awaiting our arrival,

Open the Aladdin’s gates, of endless Bliss.

-Manatita, 29th November, 2018.

Wisdom from the Master

" I completely forgot that God is old.

I could have learnt so much from Him.

I completely forgot that God is young.

I should have invited Him,

To come into my Heart-garden and play with me." - Sri Chinmoy

Calling on His name or living the fruits of His experience

© 2018 manatita44

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