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Areas Of Concern

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Anything we Put Off For Another day

Is it human nature?

To do more than we can handle

Do we bite off more than we can chew?

What is the risk?

Compromising every day to what we want but can't do

It is very.very difficult to accomplish more

When each morning is busy and it carries on through out the day

Then we push to our days off

Then we run out of steam

We want to kick back and relax

Listen to old records and finish a story we started

Unexpected events happen

Driving us back even farther

Will we ever catch up?

If it is small projects we like to do around the house

Cleaning a room

Going through old clothes that we haven't worn

Fixing old pictures in a photo album

From the small to the big tasks

Maybe your like me

You have all of the above

I chisel away

Showing a little progress

Better than when I started

The potential is there

I am glad I started

If I didn't even try

I would never have completed so many more things that I have done

It still doesn't help

The struggling feeling

How can we do more?

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