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Pretending to be Happy


They told her you need to be happy

So she tried her best to extend the straight lines

on her lips,

and make them into a curve

They told her she needs to work and make her parents proud of her

she did so without a question

hiding her own dreams in her eyes which now hold the sight of a kitchen

But then she was told she needs to earn in order to stay happy

so she decided to work tirelessly in the office

She did as much she could only to have a question hanging in her mind

Did "Happy" really have its original meaning in her life

Was she ever really glad about having a child and leaving her job

Was she ever happy when she got married to a drunkard

who was sometimes responsible for the bruises on her body

apart from the ones her boss gave

Was she ever happy when her only child decided to leave her cause she got old

she thinks as she sits on her wheelchair at the garden of the Oldage home

staring at the little saplings that grew into big plants

she finds true joy as she enjoys this sight

With the true joy came the realization that all she did all her life was Pretend to be happy in order to be happy.


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