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Living Life Every Moment-Are You In a Hurry?

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.


Every moment of life is precious. Do not rush past precious moments that make life an enjoyable experience.

Before you know it, you just might have breezed through life, and it is too late to turn things around.

We have one life, so let us live every moment to the fullest.

Living Life

When you are young, you will want to grow,

Grow up some more and be a teenager,

You think that teenagers are really cool,

You want to be a teenager going to school.

When you become a teenager,

You want to grow up some more,

Grow up and go to college for sure,

College you think is the only place,

Where life will be fun and fast paced.

You go to college and then you see,

Life is not all fun and carefree,

Important choices in life to be made,

Not a minute to be delayed.

Next is to get a job and earn,

Earn so much to have a car to own,

A house, a villa, a resort one or two,

The latest, greatest in electronics too,

You think this is fun and way too cool.

Then comes marriage, children one or two,

Settling down is all that you want to do,

Now you think, life is being fair,

Letting you have fun, sunshine and fresh air,

You live and dream without a care.

Suddenly, your world turns upside down,

Your body aches and pains lets you down,

Life becomes a pain and real misery,

You cannot breathe, you wheeze and sneeze,

Your knees and bones creak and squeak.

Now you are old, sad and not willing to cry,

Thinking of life that has passed you by,

However your thoughts go back in time,

How you were always in a hurry,

Thinking and planning all the time.

Thoughts of regrets, filled with remorse,

You think of many moments that were lost,

Moments not enjoyed, wasted in vain,

You wish you could start all over

Once again,

Are you in a hurry??

© 2012 Nithya Venkat

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