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Are you Willing to Learn?

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


Someday someone will come to you,

To highlight your strengths,

To praise your remarkable achievements,

To realize how important you are,

But at the same time,

Dear one's point out your weaknesses,

Your intentional and unintentional mistakes,

Suggest strategies to rectify them,

Advice for leading a peaceful life,

To give you hope and eradicate darkness,

Are you willing to learn?

Or let the desperation cloud your dreams,

The choice is all yours;

Dreams or Depression??

Don't allow your ego to ruin the precious relationships,

Show gratitude for them,

At least someone is there,

To help you in dark times,

To guide you towards the right path,

Count the blessings and make this life beautiful.

Sara Shahid.

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