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Are Your Dreams Set to Themes?

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


Are your dreams set to themes?

Broken up in acts and scenes

Perhaps, you say, more like a play

A holdover from another day

If so, I bet, you have a set

A crime scene and police dragnet

Or could it be a shady tree?

A pretty girl and bended knee

Lengthy trip on a sailing ship

Celebration of a championship

Son and daughter, swim like otters

Treasure diving in ocean waters

Chilled Champaign on a first-class train

Linen suit, hat and cane

Earn your wage on the silver stage

Rock forever, despite your age

Pack your case for outer space

On to Mars, get in the race!

Jetted tub, deep back rub

Spending time at the club

Bungee cords and diving boards

Risky actions; great rewards

Diamond mining, mountain climbing

Always winning; perfect timing

Deep sleep smiles that last a while

Like that journey on the Nile

Pleasure cruise while you snooze

Perfect cure for the nighttime blues

You feed your soul when you play a role

Real life put on cruise control

So keep on dreaming, it’s redeeming

Perfect way to end an evening

© 2018 Ralph Schwartz