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A Poem About a Boy

His Name Is Jace

Coolest baby on the block!

Coolest baby on the block!

A child so full of life

So full of life and love and laughter;

Smiles, hugs, kisses and big, bright eyes;

Unusually joyous and giddy;

Incredibly cute and cuddly.

Attempting to walk before crawling

A touch as soft as silk;

A warmth that could melt an Eskimos igloo.

Trying to walk before he can crawl;

A loving mother's heart filled to the brim with his unconditional love.

Three month old with fierce spirit

Curiosity, wonder and signs of his brilliance;

Only three months old, yet his spirit has the strength of a fierce lion.

Well he is the cub of a lioness!

Possibilities are limitless of who this child could become.

This childs name is...

But for now I'll end this with his name:

It's a name full of strength, full of a wonderful destiny yet to come:

This incredible child's name is


© 2018 Christopher Lee